$10,000 to Wheelchairs for Kids

Supporting local is at the heart of what all Foodies Markets stands for. That’s why we’re very excited to donate $10,000, as a group contribution from all Foodies Markets to Wheelchairs For Kids.

Wheelchairs For Kids is an organisation who work towards manufacturing and distributing wheelchairs to children throughout under-resourced countries of the world, giving them a new level of freedom and mobility.

Wheelchairs For Kids is a volunteer based organisation with no paid staff and is financed entirely by from donated funds. For every $200 donated in support of the Wheelchairs For Kids program, a child gains a new wheelchair that is designed specifically to conform with WHO guidelines. These wheelchairs are built specially for rough terrain, adjustable for the child’s size, with postural supports, head rest, harness, a waterproof cushion, tray, tool kit, plus a knee rug, and a knitted toy.

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If you would like to make a personal donation to Wheel Chair for Kids visit their website today.

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